Bilişim Hukuku

Information Technology Law and The Law on the Protection of Personal Data

  • Legal counseling and representative work for the resolution of all kinds of legal disputes arising on the Internet
  • Cybercrime
  • Preventing access to articles, photos, videos etc. that cause unfair competition for companies
  • Removal of content on the website that violates personal rights
  • Information Security and Protection of Personal Data
  • Enforcement of prosecution complaints and cases about credit card fraud
  • Enforcement of cases, pursuance and works related to the crimes listed below
  • Providing unauthorized, indirect or direct access to personal or corporate computers, receiving data
  • Producing spyware and spreading them
  • Providing illegal benefit through the information system
  • Fraud processed using the information system
  • Domain disputes and fraud
  • Entering and staying into information system unlawfully

Providing consultancy services for software and computer companies in the subjects listed below and in determining digital evidence

  • Exporting or capturing personal data
  • Recording personal data unlawfully
  • Information system blocking, corrupting and destroying or changing data
  • The crime of destroying the data
  • Sabotage of devices belonging to the information system
  • Unauthorized capture and use of software owned by software companies
  • Carrying out actions such as brand defamation or abuse against companies
  • Digital advertising

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